A student innovation & design conference

April 6th, 2019 at Gross Hall


What is IDEATE?

Ideate | īdēˌāt | vb.

To explore a wide variety of possible solutions through generating a large quantity of diverse possible soutions, allowing you to step beyond the obvious and explore a range of ideas.

Ideate @ Duke is...

A one-day conference filled with awesome speakers and workshops to explore how design and innovation interact. Ideate aims to observe how design thinking can be applied across fields, and is open to design aficionados, curious newcomers, and everyone in between!


Henrik Rydberg

Keynote Speaker

Design is at the heart of building successful businesses and products, right? In his 17 years of leading design teams, Henrik has crafted design-centric organizations and molded designers to become the most influential people in their companies—and in his talk he removes design from the center of it all. Henrik proposes an inclusive worldview and approach for designers that increases their influence and makes them more impactful. Henrik is currently the VP of Design at Jetty, a financial services startup for everyday renters.

Brandon Dorn

Usable, Beautiful, Good: Human Values in Design

Originally from Illinois, where he studied English Literature and Economics, Brandon is a Sr. User Experience Designer at Viget who brings clarity and courtesy to complex digital products. Brandon has been enamored with functional elegance since he first saw a MINI Cooper. He gets his hands dirty with information architecture, user research, and prototyping, and finds inspiration in Scandinavian design and prairie sunsets.

Rachel Knickmeyer

Design at Capital One: Why It's Cool to Work at the Bank

Rachel Knickmeyer is the Design Lead for Card Ecosystems at Capital One. She studied Computer Science, then Human Computer Interaction, and has worked in User Experience for around 13 years. Her speciality is Information Architecture, Systems Thinking and Servant Leadership. These days all in service of Changing Banking for Good.

Don Shin

Designing for VR

Don Shin is the founder of CrossComm, an award-winning mobile, web, and immersive app development studio headquartered in Durham, NC. Under Mr. Shin's leadership, the Durham, NC-based company has been recognized as one of the leading mobile app developers in the region by, and has been nationally recognized as the the Minority Technology Firm of the Year (2015) by the US Dept. of Commerce. Mr. Shin graduated from Duke University (class of ’ 9) with a BA in Computer Science, Minor in Music, and Certificate in Film and Video; he is currently interested in exploring real-world uses for immersive technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, as well as finding smart uses of blockchain for enterprise.

Shreya Shankar

Visualizing Ideas

Shreya is a Mechanical Engineering & Visual Arts major graduating in May. Ideate holds a very special place in her heart, because she found and fell in love with design through this conference almost four years ago. As a designer, Shreya is captivated by the ability we have of creating the future and passionate about using good design to facilitate the growth of our society.

Ethan Geyer

Designing for AI (and Actually Delivering It)

Ethan Geyer is a Sr. User Experience Designer and Design Thinker at IBM, where he balances design at scale, designing for AI, and the complexities of global enterprise software all while sweating the small stuff and advocating for the user. He believes in the foundational power of relationships to affect outcomes in fast moving product teams and relishes the opportunity to tackle cultural transformation at the organizational level. In a past life he worked with at-risk youth and young adults in the desert wilds of Utah — starting fires by rubbing sticks together and sleeping under the stars. Outside of work, he loves to explore wild places with his wife, daughter and their hound dog.

Rachael Dickens

Designing for AI (and Actually Delivering It)

Rachael Dickens is a Sr. User Experience Designer and Design Thinker. She joined IBM in 2013 after receiving her Master of Graphic Design and Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching from North Carolina State University. She led AI design for Watson Workspace and Watson Work Services and now leads design for multiple products in IBM’s Marketing, Commerce and Supply chain portfolio. An experienced Design Thinking facilitator, she is passionate about co-creating innovative user experiences and bringing Design Thinking to those outside of the discipline—regularly collaborating with users, partners, developers, researchers and more. Outside of work, she loves to build things, grow things and cook things.

Harsha Ram

Design Thinking Workshop with Google

Harsha is a software engineer for Android Automotive. He works on bringing Google applications like Assistant, Play Store to cars that will use Android for their infotainment systems. Harsha graduated from University of Florida with a master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. When he's not coding, he likes to ride motorcycles, hike and travel. At hackathons, he likes to help teams narrow in on their MVP and prepare a good demo. He can help with some parts of Google Cloud Platform like Firebase, App engine and the machine learning algorithms like speech, vision, translation.


Is this event open for everyone?

Due to venue capacity, we are only able to accept the first 200 applicants.

Is transportation provided?

Duke has transportation from both West and East Campus to Gross Hall. From the chapel, it's less than a 10 minute walk. If you are driving, there is the Bryan Center parking lot nearby!

Do I need to bring anything specific to the event?

Bring your laptop, student ID/government ID, and your design soul!

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